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Highland Dance

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Highland Dance is the dance form of Scottish Warriors! However, you don't need to be Scottish to learn this dance style. It is great for brain development in young children, an individual sport for older children, and a fun way to workout for adults!

No Dance Experience Necessary

We'll teach you everything you need to know! From the basic positions to full dances to original choreography, we're here to train you every step of the way.

Fun for All Levels

Dancers can choose to compete if they wish - competitive options are available from ages 4-adult. We also participate in performances and local events.

Great Workout

This is a fun way to workout without even realizing you're working out! Learn traditional steps and move your body to the bagpipes.

No Equipment Necessary

No dance shoes necessary unless in advanced, competitive classes. Dancers are encouraged to learn barefoot, wearing grippy socks, or with ballet shoes/ghillies. Comfortable workout clothes and knee socks are recommended.

Highland Hustle and Highland Hustle Tots

Highland Hustle is a fun workout class for adults. Stay tuned as classes will be offered in the future!

Highland Hustle Tots is a great introductory class for ages 2-3. Stay tuned as classes will be offered in the future!


The Spartan Tartan Highland Dance Competition

The Spartan Tartan Highland Dance Competition is held in East Lansing, hosted by the Gibson School of Highland Dance annually. Dancers from all over the US and Canada enjoy a large competition held on the campus of Michigan State University.